About TerraMedusa


About TerraMedusa

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People often exaggerate what will happen in the next two years and underestimate what will happen in ten years.

Technology is not “catching the wind” but “creating the wind”.

We are in a magnificent time than ever to live, think, produce and protect. Today’s society is living in an information age that started with copper and is now wrapped in fiber optic cables. We see a future beyond the requirements of this information age, where computers lose their importance and where everything is the “internet” in a huge information network. But the information there muse be safely protected.

Our aim is to be a “connector” between “knowledge and human”. That’s why we gathered the knowledge, passion and excitement that got us into action under the name of TerraMedusa. TerraMedusa is an organization where “knowledge and human” are the building blocks that determine the current point of the internet and its secure future in the 21st century.

As TerraMedusa, we are the most reliable consultant for most large companies worldwide in the information security market. In addition to working directly with the senior management, in some cases, providing consultancy and know-how transfer on a daily basis are among the services we offer. The most requested service from us is checking previous works of other consultants and institutions, who are assisted in information security. Afterwards we present our final recommendations to the management.

Our long list of clients to whom we offer Strategic Cyber Security Solutions includes government, military, judicial and public sector, as well as large-scale and small-scale companies. Various sectors such as the private sector from transportation, energy to communication, insurance and financial are involved. We are proud to have an increasing reputation in the field of computer security and to collect positive references and feedback from our clients. A significant part of our recurring projects consists of our existent clients that want to get our service again.

In this structure, which we call “TerraMedusa”, we are in search of how we can provide you with information more easily and quickly, and how you can work in a safer environment. We strive to present the information and solution to you in a “perfect” form.